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A Question
During an intensive Masters of Education research project that compared the findings of two of the most important research projects into the nature of personal greatness - which sought to identify the key practices in the lives of the happiest, healthiest and highest achievers in history - one habit towered above all others, prayer.

Yet according to Brandeis University, up to 90% of Americans pray, with more than 50% doing it daily, and there are more or less similar figures all around the world. There is actually no shortage of prayer. But there is a vast and distinct shortage of results.

What makes the difference?

A Calling
This question began to intrigue. If prayer is the greatest habit for living our best life - and research into the habits of the greatest people in history overwhelmingly proves that it is so - why is it that most that pray, live a life far below their real potential?

True to the form of the research findings, much prayer was applied as looking over the data, the comparative studies, the active principles in the lives of the greats - and a dangerous calling emerged:

"Go out into the wilderness for 40 days. Contemplate on the principles of effective prayers and they shall be revealed. "

A Quest
For a continuous period of 40 days, on the remote island of Tasmania, in total isolation, solitude and silence, John Cornelius thought about these principles.

Stepping back from the mountain of researched ideas, the question of what makes prayer effective became a positive obsession and a subject of constant contemplation.

In this 40 day vision quest, the principles were distilled and set up into a logical and learnable system for personal development.

A Practice
Returning back home, one more question still remained. That's all fine and good in theory, but what about in practice? Can these principles be learned and can they affect real changes?

So with a select group of practitioners, the ideas were put into action. It was not done in churches, nor spiritual centers - for that would have been too easy - but in the gritty, unforgiving, 'down to earth' realm of business and executive development.

The results were outstanding. The 7 most important principles became this course.

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